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Toyota Transmission repair near Kiowa CO

Toyota Transmission repair near Kiowa CO

Toyota Transmission repair near Kiowa CO - 2018 Toyota Highlander
Transmission Repair & Service

Toyota Transmission repair near Kiowa CO

The transmission is one of the most important parts of your car. But like most car owners, you probably don’t even think about it until something goes wrong. If something seems off, or if you notice some warning signs that indicate it’s time for Toyota transmission repair, simply bring your vehicle in to Eagle Transmission serving Kiowa Colorado. The expert staff at Eagle will take a look at your car and make any necessary repairs. Before you come in for service, there are some signs and symptoms you can look for that will help you (and us) know what might be wrong with your car.

Toyota Transmission repair near Kiowa CO - 2018 Toyota Highlander

Importance of Transmission Care

If you notice any of these symptoms, it’s important to find a quality place for Toyota service and repairs as soon as possible, since transmission problems can quickly get much worse. Based on your car’s symptoms and a preliminary diagnosis, the expert staff at Eagle can identify the problem and get your car back on the road again. By bringing your car to us early when the first signs of trouble appear, you’ll potentially save a significant amount of money on transmission repair and reduce the amount of time that your car spends in the shop.

Toyota Transmission repair near Kiowa CO - 2018 Toyota Tacoma

Signs of Transmission Problems

Normally, your Toyota will shift gears quickly and smoothly. Sometimes, it happens so quickly that you barely even notice the change. But if the car’s gear-shifting suddenly becomes more labored or you hear strange noises when the gears move from one to the other, it’s a good sign there is an underlying transmission problem. If your car pauses or hesitates after being parked, or if your car doesn’t shift easily into the first (or other) gears, you are probably experiencing a transmission delay. When you check the transmission fluid, it might appear thick, cloudy, or have a bad smell. You may also notice a fluid leak coming from your car. Leaking fluid can be caused by other problems too, but if you notice the leak in combination with these other symptoms, you are probably dealing with a transmission fluid leak. Strange sounds like whistling or clunking may also be a sign of a malfunctioning transmission system.

If you drive a manual, you may notice that the car slips when you try to shift gears. The gear shifter itself may even feel sticky or otherwise be hard to move. Even though you might not be able to pinpoint the problem, the expert staff at Eagle Transmission, serving Kiowa Colorado, can lend a helping hand.

Toyota Transmission repair near Kiowa CO - 2018 Toyota Rav4

Common Transmission Problems

Once you become familiar with some of the most common signs of transmission problems, you might be able to figure out what the main underlying problem is that you’re dealing with. One of the most common transmission problems lies in the transmission fluid oil. If the oil looks dirty or oil levels drop, you might need Toyota transmission repair near Kiowa for a fluid leak. The fluid might also need to be changed or flushed if it is low, dirty, and hasn’t been changed in awhile. Both manual and automatic transmissions require clean oil, and in sufficient amounts, to work properly. In manual vehicles, transmission fluid keeps the gears lubricated and prevents them from grinding. In vehicles with an automatic transmission, the transmission fluid generates hydraulic pressure, which keeps the transmission’s components moving smoothly. Without clean oil, or without enough of it, the gears will slip or become worn down. The transmission can also overheat, which can leave you stranded and warrant more expensive Toyota transmission repair.

Toyota Transmission repair near Kiowa CO - 2018 Toyota Camry

Transmission Problems in Manual Vehicles

Some transmission problems are universal, but others are specific to the type of transmission that you have. If your Toyota has a manual transmission, you may find yourself dealing with a worn clutch or a worn gear synchronizer. A clutch can become worn out through driver error (especially with new drivers learning to use a manual, who may frequently accelerate and change gears too rapidly). A clutch can also become worn if there is a mechanical issue, such as if there is leaking hydraulic fluid. Gear synchronizers, which are integral to manual transmissions, regulate gear shifting. If they become worn out, your car won’t shift gears as smoothly. If this problem goes unchecked, it can ruin the entire transmission system. This, in turn, will rack up the bill for your Toyota transmission repair near Kiowa.

Transmission Problems in Automatic Cars

If your Toyota has an automatic transmission, the cause of your transmission problems may be due to failing needle roller bearings. These lightweight bearings keep the gears from grinding. If they wear out or fail to function properly, you might start to hear grinding or scraping sounds from your car when it is moving. Ultimately, this sound means it’s time for transmission repair.

Transmission problems can be difficult to identify and fix. And if they’re left unchecked, they can cause major damage and rack up a big repair bill. Luckily, the experts at Eagle Transmission, serving Kiowa Colorado, are ready to help tackle your Toyota service and repairs needs. Simply call to make an appointment or ask any questions you have about signs of a malfunctioning transmission.