Auto Brake Service in Parker CO

Auto Brake Service in Parker CO

Auto Brake Service in Parker CO

Auto Brake Service in Parker CO
Brake Repair

Auto Brake Service in Parker CO

Driving a vehicle in Parker Colorado is a challenge under the best conditions. If your car needs auto brake service, navigating through traffic, hills and mountain passageways become downright treacherous. While it may seem tempting to forego the expense associated with Brake Service, doing so is riskier than you might think.

How Poorly Maintained Auto Brakes Affect Your Vehicle

Most people know that it is potentially bad for their health if the put off fixing their brakes in Parker Colorado. What you may not know is the damage your vehicle sustains due to brakes in poor condition. Here are a few key areas where your vehicle sustains damage because of failing brakes.

Auto Brake Service in Parker CO

  • Increased pressure applied to get failing brakes to stop results in excessive wear on your tires. This is not normal wear and tear endured by tires in general. Hard braking action throws your tires out of alignment and off-balance causing damage to other systems in your vehicle. Each hard-braking occurrence leaves a little bit more tire material on the road. Eventually, tires wear down to the tread, requiring expensive replacements.
  • Brake calipers cradle brake pads around the rotor. As brake pads wear out, calipers must apply more pressure to the brake pads to get them to push against the rotors, thus stopping your tires. Eventually, brake pads wear out until there is nothing between the rotors and the calipers. They grind against each other and both sustain damage. Replacing calipers is not cheap.
  • As brakes wear out, you may notice your vehicle vibrates, shakes and shudders until finally coming to a stop. Soon, the vibration and shuddering take a toll on your suspension system. Your ride through the Rocky Mountains becomes even rockier due to unbalanced and damaged suspension. Fixing the brakes does not repair a damaged suspension system. Vibrating still occurs due to the off-balance suspension, which damages even more systems that run your vehicle.
Auto Brake Service in Parker CO

  • Rotors sustain damage once brake shoes and pads wear down. This results in grinding, warped or cracked rotors. Worn out brake pads cause hotter tires, which also produce warped rotors.

They Don’t Make Them Like They Used To

If you find yourself shaking your head and thinking cars are no longer made like they once were, you are right. While brake pads need regular replacements, discs and rotors usually required a quick resurfacing with the lathe and they were good to go through two or three brake pad replacement services.

Automakers efforts to save costs and reduce vehicle weight changed this whole pattern. As automakers switched to thinner, lighter rotors they often wear out as quickly as your brake pads. Current rotors have a thinner surface, leaving them short of available material for resurfacing.

Auto Brake Service in Parker CO

All Brake Repair Services Are Not Created Equal

If you have concerns about your auto brake service, Parker auto repair in Parker, Colorado examines your vehicle for any brake service that might be necessary. If your brake service works properly without signs of excessive wear, Parker auto repair technicians will not subject you to unnecessary repairs and expense. For Parker specials contact Eagle Transmission.

A qualified auto brake service in Parker CO will tell you that 6 to 12 inches of stopping distance is the main difference between brakes functioning as they should and brakes that should have been replaced several thousand miles ago. Consider that factor carefully.

Undoubtedly, several occasions come to mind where six inches of stopping distance made the difference between hitting an elderly woman in the crosswalk or safely coming to a stop with no harm done. Many times, driving in stop and go traffic leaves you with little room for error when you find yourself rapidly approaching traffic that is at a sudden standstill. A mere 12 inches in additional braking power allowed you and others to escape serious injury or worse.

Auto Brake Service in Parker CO

Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Brakes

Contact Eagle Transmission if you notice any signs your brakes need work. Depending on the type of vehicle and other factors, brake pad replacement falls about every 25,000 and 70,000 miles. Living in Parker Colorado usually means your brakes get more use than they would if you lived in the flatlands with no traffic around.

Here are a few signs your brakes need attention.
  • Scraping or grinding sounds when you brake.
  • Brake warning light on your dash comes on – while this might signal a need for brake pad replacements, it could also signal low or leaking brake fluid.
  • ABS light flashes on your dash – you really do not want your anti-lock brakes failing while navigating a mountain road.
  • Squealing or squeaking sounds – automakers now equip vehicles with an indicator warning you of brake wear. When brake pads start to wear this indicator makes those irritating squeaking, squealing sounds to get your attention.
  • Locking brakes that pull sharply to the right or left.
Brake Repairs Should Not Be Unaffordable

No one puts off brake repairs because they feel it is a frivolous service that their vehicle can do without.

Contact Eagle Transmission at 720-466-5977 or visit their website for Parker specials on vital brake repair services today.