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At Eagle Transmission Shop Parker Colorado our motto is "The One To Trust."  That's not just some commercial slogan we came up with.  It is in-fact a principle whereby we, at Eagle Transmission, our business. We know that you have a choice, and we strive every day on each repair to provide top notch professional service.

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We build transmissions to last. Our proven track record in service and customer satisfaction are a big contributor to our success in becoming one of the largest and most successful transmission franchise operations in the state of Texas. We’d like to believe that there is a good reason why our business has so much repeat and referral customer business.

We offer free road test and computer diagnostics. We work on Standards & Clutches, Automatics, Frontwheel, 4 Wheel, RV’s, CV Axles, Domestic, Imports, Light and Medium Duty Diesel Trucks and Diesel Auto Transmissions.

We offer a wide variety of services such as transmission repair, differential gears service, driveshaft repair, transfer case repair, just to name a few. We know how important trust is...it's one of the most valuable things one can have or lose.  That's why we work hard to not only earn your trust, but keep it for life!  We want to be your "Go To" service provider for all of your automotive needs.  After all, your vehicle is your pride and joy!


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Nissan Altima transmission repair in Parker

Nissan Altima transmission repair in Parker Drivers have enjoyed the stylish Nissan Altima for many years. The Altima is a sporty, fun car, and is built durable and designed to provide many lasting years of great use. Despite its known reliablity you may experience some issues with your car. Eagle Transmission is a trusted repair…


Toyota Camry transmission repair in Parker

Trusted Toyota Camry transmission repair in Parker Even the most reliable of cars sometimes experience transmission problems. Your Toyota Camry is no exception to this. It gives you remarkable reliability, exhilarating driving experiences, and year round service. It also may experience problems that call for transmission repair. At Eagle Transmission, in Parker, we handle transmission…


Auto Brake Service near Castle Rock

Reliable Auto Brake Service near Castle Rock If your car needs auto brake service, navigating through traffic can become downright treacherous. Mountain passes and scenic routes are a definite no no if you need brakes. While it may seem tempting to forego the expense associated with Brake Service, doing so is more dangerous than you might…

Trusted Clutch Replacement near Castle Rock

Nissan Clutch Repair near Castle Rock CO

Nissan Clutch Repair near Castle Rock CO Eagle Transmission offers Nissan Clutch Repair near Castle Rock CO  Does your Nissan vehicle need clutch repair? If so, contact Eagle Transmission today! We would be happy to repair it for you at a reasonable price. Serving Castle Rock, Colorado. For more information on Nissan Clutch Repair contact…


Volvo Transmission Repair Parker

Volvo Transmission Repair offered to Parker Residence Eagle Transmission has a perfect solution for your Volvo transmission repair needs. We vow to provide every job proficient, thorough work that prolongs the life expectancy of your vehicle and keeps it running smoothly for a long time. Click here to read more about choosing Eagle Transmission as your…


Your Car Doesn’t Start – Engine repair near Castle Rock Area

Your Car Doesn’t Start – Engine repair near Castle Rock Area Many car owners experience the engine problems. There are several reasons why the car won’t start. Dead battery is one of most common reasons. Clicking sound, cranking engine, and dim or flicker interior lights are the signs that your battery is dead. Other problems…